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Manfred Bolch
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Default Re: Re: Imperial Jewels of China via Viking

Dear Shirley,

Thank you so much for your response. With your glowing review, I am more excited than ever about this trip. I have, in the interim, booked the October 3rd trip and look forward to it with great anticipation of entering an exotic world that I never thought I'd see.

I'm sorry to say that I hadn't checked back to the bulletin board in some time after posting my question and was surprised to learn this morning from my travel partner, Vanessa, that you had responded. I feel somewhat negligent and wanted to be sure to thank you and let you know that your efforts were not in vain. Thank you so much for sending the journal and photos to Vanessa. She has forwarded them to me and while I have not had a chance to look at them, I am excited to have the weekend ahead of me so that I can take my time to review them.

Thanks again!

Manfred in Pittsburgh
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