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Default viking reservations

I have found that the reservationists and the supervisors at Viking are at most marginally trained to provide accurate information. Example. We called to request 2 beds non smoking at each hotel property in CHINA. The reservationist told us that they do not do that, that we had to do it ourselves. We unsuccessfully emailed each hotel, only to be told that the reservations are not by name, but simply by VIKING name, and that they had no idea who we were.
IN addition, the documents come to only one person, but if the two passengers are flying seperately, or arriving on different dates, one will not have the information. When asked to have this federal expressed to the second passenger, they sent i by snail mail, and it was not received in time.
I am totally unimpressed with VIKING RIVER CRUISES reservation support, and hope that things improve when we go on the trip.
At this point, I would not recommend them for customer service reason.
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