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Next week I am going on my fifth Windstar cruise in 6 years, including one in October of 2001 and I beg to differ with your assessment. The ships have always been safe, the wait staff has been very warm and personable and the senior officers have been superb. It is true that the wait and cabin staffs are Indonesian (as are all Holland America boat staff) and there are probably a few with anti-American sentiments but we never had contact with anyone who was less than fwarm, friendly and helpful at all times. It is also true that the ships are beginning to get a little worn and in need of some refurbishment, but I will take their small ship ambience over the monster skyscraper boats with their crowds and poor food and service any day!
As for price, there are some great deals out there and the prices are far less than other small ships such as Silversea and RSSC Song of Flower (also in need of refreshing).
You certainly do sound like an ex-employee (or other) with an ax to grind.
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