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Default Windstar Caribbean 05 1st timer advaiceExcursions? Tipping?

We are taking our first Windstar cruise this winter in the caribbean. I love the water and grew up having a family boat and have bareboated in the BVI's 15 or more years ago. What a beautiful part of the world. I was hesitant to book this as we are not big-boat cruise people. I can't image anything worse for us than being herded like cattle here and there. And no, I do not care to wear eveing gowns to dinner every night. The more we researched the more intrigued we became about the Windstar mantra.

However, I can't seem to find any info or postings about which shore excursions are recommended. I do read however how many are believed to be a "rip-off"

Secondally, what do you tip and how much really?

Lastly, we have a dilema. We get back at 6 am on Saturday. Do they really make you get off that early? Our flight out of St. Thomas is not till 4 pm. What are we to do? I am told there is no where to store our luggage from Windstar. Are we just to roam around St. THomas wheeling our luggage behind us. I have checked into a hotel but the week we are going in February is the 2nd busiest week on the island and most hotels have 5 night minimums or are $700 a night. What are we to do? Any advice for future 1st timers.

Thanks. B
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