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Sorry to be secretive but I still work at sea and do not need to blacklisted hence the handle.

I am writing to confirm that Neil is telling the truth regarding this company. I worked for them for one contract and left due to the unsafe state of the ships and the attitude of the company and captains ( I use the word with regret as none of them would hold that rank with a reputable company) who take little or no interest in safety matters.

It is amusing to read the comments from people who think they know it all because they thought the waiter was good or because they enjoyed the itinery. What the hell has any of this to do with safety?. Do not be advised by Paul motter he knows nothing about ship's other than the dining room. If any of the passengers knew the state of the ships safety systems and engine rooms they would think twice regarding sailing on them.

I have been at sea for twenty years and have never seen ships in so poor a state and so badly in need of investment or scrapping in my life.

Only on one point would I disagree and that is in saying that the senior officers are always drunk as this is not so. Most of the officers are very good but are unable to perform their duties due to the company budget constraints. Only "Captain", Clark is the exception as he is a disgrace to the profession and is often drunk .

Do youself a favour and try another line if you want to cruise it will be safer and you will not have Indonesian waiters spitting in your food. They hate the Americans especially and may crawl for tips but they also had a party on 9/11 to celebrate the twin towers comming down.If ever there was a cruise line open to a terrorist attack it will be this one.

You have been warned.
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