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Default Happy Birthday to Us

Anne and Paul,

To use the old cliche, " I can't believe it's been a year".

For some reason you two invited a relatively new to cruising moose from north of the 49th parrallel cruise hicksville (Calgary,Alberta) to join the CruiseMates team.

You showed great leadership instructing me to write stuff <G>
It took some kind of guts to assume someone that sells rooms and drinks for a living could write legibly (sure there are many that say I don't).

I have to say publicly what a pleasure it's been for me to be involved in CruiseMates. The two of you have been amazing in your dedication, and drive to build a cruise magazine and community which overflows with valuable cruise information, and yet remains a friendly spot for cruise lovers to share real information and experiences.

But, from behind the scenes, what has impressed me the most is how open you've been to new ideas, and how you've grown the site by helping it to evolve.
Being a business owner, I know just how important it is to have bosses that listen.
You two really do listen to your writers, and to the site's users! And that's at least part of the reason CruiseMates is such a great cruise web site.

I'm truly honored by my assocation with you, and always say proudly.....

Features Editor
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