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Lynn Jackson
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I have read the replies that the cruise ships never intentionally sail through tropical storms or hurricanes. Yes, that is true, but sometimes it can't be avoided. Two years ago, I was on the m/s Maasdam as it sailed through the remnants of Hurricane Georges as it (the storm) came off the coast of Maine and out into the North Atlantic. It still had tropical storm-force winds (no real rain) which casue waves of 20-30 feet. I was in the Lido as the boat hit a trough and everything came crashing down. It was interesting to go through the storm at sea after having ben through a number on dry land. The captain sped up and sailed through the storm quickly, but could not avoid it. Last year I was in the Gulf (of Mexico) as the s/s Enchanted Isle went through the remants of a tropical storm. It was not quite as forceful as Georges, but still rocked the boat a fair amount. The deeper the draught the more stable the ship will be when going though the storms (or remants thereof). But if you go in early August, you will probally be safe on the storm front. The heart of Hurricane season is between mid-August and mid-September. I would suggest that you take a good bit of meclazine. Have a great time.
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