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Default RE: sea princess

[*]1. When is the earliest you can board the ship?

Generally, they start boarding bwteen noon and 1:00 pm.
[*] 2. Where do you buy those sea sickness bracelets and do they
really work?

You can buy them in drugstores for a reasonable price ($5.00) or in the Airport for about $10.00, or on board most ships for about $15.00. They work in mildly rough seas, I usually slip them on when I start to get the signs of nausea. They won't work in rougher seas. I suggest a visit to our online pharmacist, John Burns, in our "Practcal Advice" message board.
[*] 3. We are on the Aloha deck right under the pool/deck area...will there be noise from the bands, pool, etc.?

The bands don't play all day on Princess like they do on Carnival. You might hear some music during the day, but it should stop before dinner. It shouldn't be very loud, either.
[*] 4. Can you order off the dining room menus for room service or are you stuck with a limited menu?

Only passengers in suites can order from the dining room menu - your butler will serve it in your cabin.
[*] 5. Is Cays worth going to?

If you like snorkeling, sunbathing and good barbecue - yes.
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