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Tim Rubacky
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The ship you saw was indeed the former Regent Sea. She started life in 1957 as the Gripsholm for the Swedish America Line. In 1975, she was sold to a Greek owner and operated until 1981 as the Navarino for Karageorgis (sp??) Lines.

In 1981, she was sold to Effjohn Int'l. She was to be renamed "Samantha" and was placed in drydock for inspection and refurbishing. During the drydock, tthe ship helled over and capsized in the drydock and she was declared a total constructive loss. Her new owners never took delivery of course and the ship languished for a year or so.

Luckily, she was salvaged and in 1983 was purchased by upstart Regency Cruises. She underwent a major overhaul and refurbishing and entered service for them in 1985 and served with them right up until the bankruptcy in late 1995.

Sadly, she was bought by a group of investors who wanted to convert her into a casino ship and during the conversion, gutted the ship and breached her strucural integrity. She is now in such a state, thet scrapping seems the next logical step.

Tim Rubacky
Consumer Affairs Editor
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