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Default RE: New Year's Eve Cruise - Leave 12/30/00

Most cruises ships frown on your bringing your own liquor/wine on board, but it is done respectively all the time! I take it you sail from San Juan. There is a Duty Free store right in the port terminal, so go shopping and bring on your rum, soda, juices, etc in their plastic or paper bags. I have seen people with personal luggage carts bringing their own beverages. As long as you check in on the cruise ship early (noon+), you should have no problem being able to do a walking tour of Old San Juan. Just across the street from the pier on the side street near the bus depot, you can get on the free trolley and get off and on at stops throughout the town. I recommend taking the trolley all the way up to El Morro fort then walking downhill from there if you like. As far as there being free drinks on New Years eve, that will remain to be seen, but I would not count on it. The only time that alcholic drinks are free are the repeaters party, the Captain's Welcome Aboard party, and on Celebrity, the Captain's Club members party, Honeymooners & Anniversary party. If you plan to bring on your own alcholic beverage, don't forget to bring a personal water bottle for poolside refreshments. I fill mine with ice, then pour in a mixed drink to sip and be refreshed while relaxing in the sun. Some lines will allow you to bring your own wine to the table and will charge you a corkage fee and you may wish to show your appreciation to the wine steward in the form of a tip at the end of the cruise. Just ask the wine steward for your table. Also as a first timer, if you receive wine from your TA at your table or you bring wine to your table that has been received in your cabin, it is polite to ask your tablemates if they would like a glass to share. If they decline, at least you have been cordial and there is no need to repeat this gesture unless you feel compelled to do so or someone else has shared with you too. If you buy a bottle of wine at your table, your wine steward can recork it nightly and serve it too you on subsequent evenings. Enjoy yourself. The Galaxy is beautiful.
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