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Default Re: Princess e-mail address

Hi Anne...

Thanks for the e-mail address. Unfortunately my e-mail was returned as an invalid e-mail addresss. Please see if you can locate a good address.

In response to your question, I have not indicated that I dislike the new dining program since I have not actually experienced it yet. We go on our repeat Grand Princess cruise this weekend.

I believe that the Personal Choice Dining is a nice option. My wife and I prefer the traditional dining because we really enjoy dining with the same people all week, getting to know them and sharing experiences throughout the cruise. We have developed some nice relationships over the years and still communicate with acquaintances around the world.

My complaint has to do with the automatic (forced) tipping practice that Princess now employs. I also have questions about the wait staff getting double tipped if individuals remove the tip charges from their account and tip them directly.

Bob "MacTarheel"... getting ready for a little Grand Class cruising.
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