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Default Re: Enjoying Each Cruise

Shan Rose wrote:
> I have only been on 3 cruises so far and must say that I have
> enjoyed them immensely! Of course each ship is different
> from one another, however, I found all of their staff to do a
> great job and were very courteous. It seemed every where you
> looked they were "always cleaning". The ship's were spotless
> to say the least

I think in many ways u've hit the nail on the head. Cruises, in general, are so terrific, and we get SO spoiled. We're treated like royalty!
And then we start acting like it ..
Things go wrong, like they do in everyday life (where we handle them without blinking) and for some reason, once we're on a ship.. it's a catasrophe.
Plain and simple.. the more u travel... ship happens and I wrote an article about it

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