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Default Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results Father gets kicked

Becky, You are 'right-on-the-money' with your statement. Children are only with us for a little while. They grow and mature and very quickly have a family of their own. Yeeks.....We raised our 2 boys and now have grandbabies......BUT when those 2 boys were young and we took family vacations, we did things 'with' the boys. Maybe I am just old fashioned but a family vacation is time being spent as a family. If mom & dad want their time alone and do things without the kids, it is great to plan a vacation with lots of adult 'stuff' to do, but why bring the kids along when you have adult activities planned. It seems to me that there might have been a bit more going on with Sheila and her family than what the post describes. A cruise vacation is a wonderful opportunity for children on any cruise ship IF the parents are willing to give their time to the 'family'...........I sure wish that we would have had enough extra money 'way-back-when' the boys were growing up that we could have vacationed on a cruise ship. Hubby and I cruise a good bit now and do plan a cruise, in the very near future, with our granddaughter. I just cannot wait to watch her eyes 'light up' when we introduce her to cruising. I would not consider placing her in a 'care givers' situation. She has lots of play-mates here at home and I could not leave her in the hands of someone who may, or may not, be gentle and kind to her. A childs life is very short and should be filled with lots of love and many different experiences.........
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