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Default Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results Father gets kicked

This reminds me of an experience I had in 1994 on Celebrity's Horizon. Although it does not deal with childcare problems it does deal with the abusive treatment towards my husband and I by the ships Hotel Manager. My husband got very sick and needed to be hospitalized on the ship. The ship in my opinion was not set up to handle an unknown infection and a fever of 105 in a 28 year old healthy male. They did not try to troubleshoot the problem and just put him on penicillan via IV. I was left to use a pay phone in Bermuda to talk with infectious desiese physians at Mass General Hospital. I am not a doctor but my husbands life was at risk and the ships doctor was not working to solvethe problem. I was told what medicsation to try. The ship told me I had to pay $50.00 in advance to send the ships doctor to a US millitary base to source the medication, a small price to pay but I felt the request for payment in advance to be inappropriate. The ship had no system to feed my husband in the hopsital. I was running food to him from the buffet. The nurse fell asleep during her duty and I found my husbands IV filled with blood with him lying behind closed doors. The worst part was that the ships doctor was asking me out!! He knew my husband was out of the picture and was calling my cabin asking me to join him for drinks! If I told him to take a hike I was afraid he would kill my husband(by accident of course) I demanded to see the Hotel Manager who had me stand in front of his desk while he was seated. He told me I could not take my husband off the ship to fly him to Boston until I guaranteed payment of the ships medical bill and signed an IOU. I told him about the mis treatment in the hospital and he berated me for complaining about the treatment.

We did break the cruise and I flew my husband home and directly to the hospital with an ambulance meeting us at the airport. I wrote Celebrity a detailed letter and they did refund my money but I will never forget the attitude of the management on the boat. They do not have any respect for the customer and they made a difficult situation worse. I do not think that many of the people on the cruise ships are empowered to make decisions. The management on these ships become controlling and disrespectful. I can definately relate to Sheila's frustration but I think that when confronted it should have become apparent that the cruise ship management had all the power. I think fighting the battle at home might have been a better choice.

Let us know how this turns out!

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