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Carole Dunham
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Default Ship's Registration

I saw a travel magazine last week at my daughter's house. It brought up a very interesting subject. As a country, we are working to eliminate terrorism anywhere we can find it right? Well, here is something terrifying that no one is doing anything about. One of Pres. Bush's methods is to shut down Bin Laden's money source. Another source of terrorism is Charles Taylor, the president of Libya. Libya's greatest source of income is from the registration of ships. In the cruiseship category, the largest amount of ships being registered in Libya belong to Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. When asked about it, the line responded that they were "Thinking about changing." I remember when Celebrity instituted a charge for the thalassothery pools on the Millanium class ships, a letter writing campaign persuaded them to change their minds. I believe a similar campaign might help them change their minds about keeping their ships registered in Libya. What Charles Taylor does is support rebels who then amputate the arms (usually both of them) of the conquered people. It's even done to young children. Since West Africa is largely agrarian, this means the conquered people have no way of working to support themselves. With less money, that means less armies supported. I will do this, not a nasty e-mail, just the suggestion that it might be a sensible gesture to support anti terrorism. I will be sending it to Jack Williams, who is president of RCI at

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