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Default Ensenada/Honolulu/Ensenada

We booked for Millie Medit. 5/12/02 and since that itinerary no longer exists, we are thinking about back to back Hawaii. We did Hawaii on Infinity in April and while I loved it (Hawaii) hubby was not at all impressed with the islands. However, he did enjoy the sea days.

I'm seriously thinking about trying to book back to back Hawaii first quarter of 2002. We hate the long flight to/from Honolulu (to/from Ohio) and I'm thinking about flying into San Diego, bussing to Ensenada and doing the Hawaii Islands, ending in Honolulu, then, perhaps booking a different cruise ship - changing ships in Honolulu, doing the reverse cruise back to Ensenada.

Has anyone done this in the past? Looks kind of like with the air fares available and the prices we are seeing on cruises, we could do this for less (or very close to the same price) than our originally planned 12 day Medit.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help.

A "getting happier" Pooh Bear
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