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Default Re: Holiday Gifts for Crew

Pamda thanks for the suggestions and Kuki..

. You know something else, Kuki, I was at a local watering hole this afternoon here in Pensacola, FL called McGuires Irish Pub, very well known here and very unique, dollar bills hanging off the walls, Irish memorabilia etc. Well back to my point, while I was standing to pay for my bill, lo and behold I looked up and there was a LARGE moose head hanging on the wall, and a sign that stated it's an original moosehead from Canada, and it's selling for $3,900.00. Seeing this ugly thing (not you, the moose) made me think of you since you are from Canada. What I need to know is, how can I verify if this is an original moosehead from Canada and how do you determine value? (lol)
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