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Default Re: Holiday Gifts for Crew

Back in the day when I was a very junior flight attendant and worked flights on holidays because the people with more seniority had those days off, there were passengers who gave us little gifts. Nothing more than a candy cane or so ... but it meant so much.

It would have been very easy to be resentful that THEY were going to their families and I wasn't ... but the sweet nature of the people who figured it out raised MY Christmas spirit a LOT !!!

I still remember an older lady (when you are 21, everyone is "older") who showed me pictures of her family and a new grandbaby whom she was going to see for the first time. I was doing the admiring thing when her eyes flew open to the max and she said, "Oh. You're not going to be with your family, are you?" She gave me the biggest hug in the world. It was almost as good as being home.

These days, now that I am "older" I keep a stock of candy in my jacket pockets and give the candy to people who look distressed or hassled. And to little kids, after asking their parent's permission. Makes me feel like Santa, and that's good.

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