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Default Re: Tipping in advance - a former crew member's re

During the Alaska season we were on the Sea Princess and signed up for the $6.50 per day per person gratuities for the dining room waiters. Since we were on the vessel 14 days and had two different waiters and assistance we asked them about the advanced tipping. They felt it was a good idea since the money was put into a pool, split up be pre-determined amounts to each. They also mentioned that a waiter who got a separate tip from someone not in the pool, that person had to turn the money into the pool ??
Since we have always tipped, we did not care what the practice of the cruise line was. On the Sea Princess we tipped the room steward separately since he was not in the pool. He mentioned to me at the end of the cruise that two of his cabins did not tip him and perhaps they agreed
to the advanced tipping which went to the dining room personnel ?

We liked the procedure used by Crystal Cruises where you use your credit card to tip; the front desk gives you an envelop with a message to the person you are tipping that indicated the amount of your tip.

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