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Default Re: claustrophobia?

Hi, Amanda ...

There is no better way to go to sleep than the gentle rocking of the ship.

I'm not the right one to ask about claustrophobia. If I were in an inside, I would have to sleep with the door open, which would undoubtedly cause great consternation among staff and other passengers.

The air conditioning is excellent, so stuffy is not a problem.

Most insides are decorated in light, bright colors and there will be (fake) curtains to make you feel as though you are not inside unless you decide to look out.

What a wonderful choice for a first cruise !!!

If we can add anything else to your anticpation, just ask.

pamda -- CM FIrst-Time Cruisers EditorAmanda wrote:
> Hello, I will be going on my first cruise is May around the
> Greek Islands. We decided to go for an inside cabin, and I am
> just concerned about the size etc. Does it get stuffy in
> there? And will I feel claustrophobic? Also, what about that
> swaying feeling? How bad does it get when you are lying in
> bed trying to sleep--? Thanks,
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