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Default Re: claustrophobia?

Amanda, I figured out this little trick when we had an inside room on Carnival Ecstasy in October.

The front door has a thing-a-ma-bob magnet that keeps the door open. So what I did was leave the front door open, then I opened the door to the closet (which is nearly the width of the hall) and then propped it open with a bottle of tonic water. It worked great to make me feel less closed in, and all anyone could see was my little Size 12 feet walking back and forth. (Of course, you can hear people walking in the hall, but I didn't mind 'cause I would close it when I was ready for the bed.)

(I also left the bathroom door propped open to make me feel like I had even more space.)

The only funny thing that happened was about 1 a.m. while I was watching TV, the security guard knocked to see whether everything was all right. "Just fine," I said, as I chomped down some midnight snack pizza.

Hope that helps,
Harry Martin
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