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Default Re: Toddlers Tips/Food

Hi, Grandma ...

I can understand Grandpa's feelings ... tykes don't take up a lot of room or eat a lot of filet mignon.

However, the little ones -- especially in "family cabins" can -- as Jenn said -- create more work than adults. I've always thought that family cabin cruisers should UP their tip to the cabin steward

The paraphernalia that accompies the smallest sailors is immense compared to older children.

The ship will be full to the gunwales on a Christmas cruise.

If there isn't a refrigerator, you can construct one easily with an insulated lunch bag and ice in a zip-top bag.

What a wonderful gift Grandpa is giving the family.

HINT: Take along tiny gifts for the kids ... maybe one for each day ... and save the big stuff until you get home.

Any additional questions, just ask. We're here.

pamda -- CM First-Time Cruisers Editor
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