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Default Re: Re: Upgrade Received

hi leigh,
it was good business for mr.bob dickinson to answer your e-mail. last march we sailed the sun princess & got an upgrade to a mini-suite or better the rep.said. after i told my ta about my upgrade it was gone. she stopped taking my calls. she was on this cruise herself & swear she took the upgrade. princess never answered my letters or e-mails so i'll never sail them again & that was our on princess.
we're on the 6/6 sailing on the legend,we did the triumph & that was wonderful. the food is 100% better than the sun princess. i never knew cauliflower could be cooked so many different ways. we couldn't eat the fish on the advice of our waiter,it wasn't fresh. my husband couldn't believe i opted to go to the buffet rather than the dining room. the stabilizers didn't work so the ship really rolled, & we're boating people. one night,at mid-night, while in the buffet all the dishes came crashing down to the floor. the stabilizers were broken from the september before while in a hurricane. this ship should have been in for repairs. ofcourse, they denied all this but we had a crew member tell us. we felt like we were really being taken,they cut back because of sept.11 & it showed. the cruise lines lost a lot of money. hope it's all behind us now.
anyway,sorry to go on so long .
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