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Default Carnival Legend

Here's what happened, maybe someone can suggest a way to resolve the sisutation. I booked an inside cabin on the Legend for Sept.5th Transatlantic cruise. We are three adults traveling together. This was done back in Jan. I called TA two weeks ago and asked to be changed to a Balcony cabin instead. She called me back and told me Carnival said there were no triple balconies available. Now I thought, correct me if I am wrong, that all balcony cabins could accomate at least 3 persons, with the sofabed that is in each. I can see them not wanting to sell another triple, thus adding 3 more people to an already overcrowed ship, but we were not adding 3 more we were just trying to switch places. I knew I would have to pay more money for this and was willing to do that.
I emailed Carnival and they have not gotten back to me yet. TA has done all they can do, they can't make Carnival do something they do not want to do.
What would you do if you were me. Suffer in silence, or go yell at somebody, if I need to yell who do I yell to?
Thanks for your help
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