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Default A little confused on what to wear while on board the ship


I am taking my first cruise with Holland America to Alaska during the first week of June.

I am getting really confused on what to pack as far as clothes for this trip.

I have been reading that they want you to be relaxed and comfortable on your trip. That's great, but what is the big deal in how you dress?

Why is there a no jeans policy in public areas? I mainly wear jeans each week b/c I stay at home with my 2 children. I had planned on bringing jeans to wear on board and while touring Alaska. As I read more and more, I find out that jeans should not be packed.

I know everyone wants to look nice on board the ship and I do also, but does that mean I need to go and by a new wardrobe to fit in on the ship? I do have some dress clothes, pants, etc that I wear to church and some other places, but that's about it. My lifestyle doesn't use that many dress clothes when I am around toddlers all day.

Please help any way you can. I really want to enjoy my time on board, but this whole clothes thing is really getting me stressed! Thanks!
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