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Default Re: Re: Price of Our Booking Dropped? Can we do Anything?


One thing to consider is how you booked your airfare. You said you booked yourself and not through the cruise lines which could be a problem if the cruise is cancelled for whatever reason. I remember a few weeks ago when one of the ships (Century, I believe) was limping back to port and skipping all the scheduled stops, they were going to drydock the boat immediately for repairs. They cancelled the following cruises and offered those passengers a full credit on their cancelled cruise plus a 50% discount on a future cruise. HOWEVER, those passengers that booked their own air fare and bought non-refundable tickets were SOL. They could not get their money back for the air tickets and had to either use them to vacation in Florida anyway or lose.

BTW, I never ask anyone else what they paid for a cruise since usually no one pays the same price and someone usually ends up disappointed in what they paid. Be happy that you're happy with what you booked.

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