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Default Cruise ship job question.....

First off,
Id like to say Hi to all who are members on this forum, I am a newbie here.
And i will start with this question....

I am very interested to work on a cruise ship in a few months time, I have been going through several cruise line sites, for information.

I am planning to get a job on a cruise ship with my girlfriend whom i have been with for 3 steady years, we will work in totally seperate
departments, I'm in the IT field and she is in Hotel Management.

I have a few questions to ask;

1)is this a good IDEA?

2)should we apply as a couple in different departments or as seperate

3)how should we present ourselves to the employer (human resources people or recruiter..) , should we not tell anyone that we are a couple, just to
say that we are best friends and that we want to do this together?

4)can we request to have one room together?

My main concern is how to go about this with my girlfriend and the cruise line employer, we will only do this together if we are always working on the same ship and live in the same room, what approach does anyone recommend?

5) Is this this the silliest question anyone has ever asked on this forum, wanting to work with his girlfriend on a cruise ship.

HELP advice????
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