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Suffer the children.....tonite the mother tells us that she called RCI and since they don't require a statement, she won't sign one. We told her to call Customs and Immigration so they could explain it to her, but she is a couple crayons short of a full box. She says no go on the statement, guess you'll just have to stay on the ship if son gets refused entry, or not go at all if you get there and they won't let him on with you. So, for some selfish reason that we cannot begin to understand, she would rather ruin her sons vacation than let him have a good time with his family.

I guess we'll be doing without her signature. We do have his birth certificate and one of those Ident-a-Kid cards that lists our address, so hopefully we are covered. Fortunately this is only a trip to the bahamas, but it certainly gives us pause for planning to take him on another cruise next year!

Bon Voyage in 2 weeks
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