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Default Accidental Wine Bottle

Lets just say by some form of an accident, or mistake my four bags of checked luggage happen to have 1 wine bottle in each of them. Plus, my carry-on has a bottle as well for a total of 5. Know, I know that Carnival will allow one bottle to be brought on board for a special occasion. However, I may need to push the line a little.

My first question is, what are my chances of gettig all that on board?

Next, if I do get it on board, can I also pack a corkscrew in my checked luggage as well?

Now for my guilty feeling speech.
I still plan on buying alcohal on board. However, I dont want to break the bank doing it. Plus, I have seen Carnivals list of wines, and they do not carry my favorite.

So, any ideas from any of the other smugglers out there?

Thanks for your input :-)

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