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Default spring break cruise

I planned a successful cruise for a my wife's mother's 75th birthday (i.e., got us there and back, picked good excursions, etc. hardly a difficult task but now everyone seems to think that I am an expert) and now the oldest teenager, a senior, thinks her high school senior trip should be a cruise. She attends an all-girl Catholic high school so a cruise is probably an economic possibility for many of them (only 100 or so in the class). We are in Missouri - we drove to Galveston, so I suppose that is a possibility - plus New Orleans departures - otherwise, it would be flying. Obviously, there would be plenty of parents along too - any thoughts as to cruise lines which would be appropriate for this age group and would even consider such a group. My TA was OK but basically I did all my own investigation and then just booked through the TA (and did get a better rate and did get the reduced price as the cabin price had gone down a little by the time the "pay in full" date came around). Any suggestions as to cruise lines, a travel agent that handles groups (I don't think I want to deal with an internet company for this - and frankly want to give some information then quickly get out of the loop!)
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