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Default Re: All those wrinkles

Take my word for it, the tissue paper method does not work (unless I did it wrong)! The rolling is a good thing and the cleaners bags a must for dress clothes!

I pack all my stuff then put dress clothes in the cleaners bags on top, close the suitcase, and so far I've not had badly wrinkled clothes. For longer cruises I do take my rolling garment bag, which easily holds 4 or 5 outfits and I still use the cleaner bags.

Enjoy your cruise! Susan will be cruisin'

P.S. I took an iron on my first cruises until I got a lesson in ship fires from a security officer on the Norway years ago. My room steward noticed it and he had an officer stop by and chat with me about it!!! I didn't mind and twenty years ago I didn't thing about the dangers.
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