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Default Re: Re: Re: Carnival Mastercard Capital One

Hi AR!
Actually, I was surprised that no one had written about those things you mentioned before this! I agree with you 100% about not paying interest to the banks for the use of their money. I am willing to pay a little extra (in interest) to have piece of mind that if emergency cash is needed it will be available and therefore charge things only occasionally when there is a decent rate available, which I did get on this card.
As far as taking 24 months to pay, I am not doing the installment plan since I TRANSFERRED the balance of cruise. I will pay it off in a couple of months after we return home, so the interest payed is not that much. Like I said before, I would rather have that amount of cash in the bank if I need cash and pay off later.
Another for being held liable for the $50.00 on a HUGE credit card limit....try telling that to the companies who are sending you bills. It may take up to a year or more to get yourself in good standing while you are trying to prove you did not make those charges! NO THANKS!!! It will also not look good on your credit rating if you try to refinance a home, or other major refinance to have basically open credit card limits.
Like you, I just couldn't resist the reply....and no I don't think you were preaching....hopefully, you were just trying to save us all a few bucks! Thanks for your input!


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