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Default Re: Carnival Mastercard Capital One

Carol and I had Carnival credit cards when they first became available. Boy did we have a system and we took advantage, big time. The point system was about the same, with the exception of, on board points were double and no point limit. We would go on a cruise and go to the casino each night and get the maximum $1,000 on the card, knowing full well that we would not use that cash, and we would pay the card off with their own money as soon as we got home before interest started. We would accumulate about 14,000 points a cruise. We received a few, almost free, cruises this way. I guess Carnival saw that many of us were using this system and they started a new policy. In the casino. They have started charging a 3% fee, for this service, and have asserted a maximum for points per year. It is not cost effective to use in the ship’s casino anymore with this service charge. We still use the cards but we pay the balance each month to take advantage of the point benefits. As Grandpa always said, theirs more than one way…… And we still get our max points each year.

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