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Default Re: Concierge? Butler?

I was on the Dawn and had a Concierge. She booked any shore excursions, was able to get us a tour of the galley with the chef and handled any problems which may have come up with anything in our cabin. Actually we only had one request with the cabin and that was not fixed! The room steward opened the sofa bed every night but it blocked our exit to the balcony. We requested the bed be left folded and we would fix it when we were ready to go to bed. However, the steward said he HAD to fold the bed down or he would get "in troyble" with his supervisor. No real problem because we just folded it up ourself.

The concierge also makes reservations for alternative dining and can order your bottle of wine for dinner.

I'm sure the list is longer but we didn't really use the service very much.

Enjoy your trip.
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