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Default Re: Missing the lifeboat drill

Sometimes when there is a really late sailaway, the "mustard" drill is held before dinner time and there is a makeup the next day for those who missed it.

We noticed a funny little piece of paper on our door when we came back from the boat drill on the last cruise. We guessed (and it was only a guess) that it was a "check" to see if we were not in our cabin.

It is sort of a ho-hum exercise for folks who cruise a lot, but I think I have only skipped two. One, due to an extremely early morning hour (I sent my Sister Out Law to yell "Here") and one because of, um, well, you know.

I'm kind of surprised at what Kathie said about EOS. All ship's services are to be shut down during the boat drill. Guess it was a shoreside check-in? When people are still shoreside during the boat drill, they are supposedly not allowed to board.

I really like the lambasting Captain.

On a recent cruise there were a bunch of young women who were chattering, chattering, chattering throughout. They couldn't have guessed that I spoke their native language. I couldn't have guessed that the crew member at our station also spoke the language. I read them the riot act -- loudly -- about not paying attention from A to Z. The smile on the crew guy's face was worth a million dollars.

You don't want to know what I say to the people who insist on blowing the ^&$%$%&$ whistles.

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