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Default Re: Missing the lifeboat drill

Jim ...

I always thought (and was told and taught) that seat belts fastened was mandatory.

I used to fly a lot of football team charters (hey, I got free tickets to the game) which was a lot more difficult than herding cats. There was a kicker for the Baltimore Colts. Lou Michaels was his name. He lost a game in Detroit in the final seconds and was being rather a problem. His team mates were not pleased and he wasn't too pleased with himself.

I told him that if he didn't sit down and fasten his seat belt the plane was going nowhere fast. He challenged me. I called the cockpit. The Captain came out and backed me up. "Fasten or leave, Sir."

Then, and this is one of the most stunning moments of my life, a guy named John (as in Unitas) thanked the Captain and said, "She really doesn't look like she needs any help to control this (expletive deleted), Sir. She may be tiny but I think she could really kick a@@ if it were required."

Still brings a smile to my face all these years later. Johnny U was one of my personal heroes. What a gentleman.

I have done a lot of research on boat drills. It IS required by SOLAS that they be held within 24 hours of sailing. Somewhere out there is the ether is a story about it which should probably show up one of these days. People who blow off the boat drills because they "know it all" should be keelhauled, or worse. And they will be the first ones to panic.

Heck, I don't like putting on those smelly jackets and walking around looking like a (insert term here) but I do it. And so does Queeg. If anyone should get a "pass" it should probably be us after so many cruises. But rules are rules, and we abide by them.

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