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Default Re: Re: Missing the lifeboat drill

One does have to ask how many life-boat drills you need to attend before you "know the drill." I worked on ships for 2 years and have been through countless drills. I've even been lowered in the lifeboats and rowed around. I know that the crew will be strategically positioned in corridors to guide people if there is an emergency , and even in a worst-case scenario where the crew decided to abandon ship first all you really need to know is how to find your lifeboat (if it is still there) and that information is posted in your room.

If you know how to put on the life jacket, find your boat, or hold your nose and step off deck if the boat is already in the water there isn't a whole lot more to it.

I have to admit, one of the first things I wanted to do when I first cruised as a passenger was to skip the lifeboat drill, but I still went. Now I continue to go if I am sailing with someone who hasn't seen the procedure before, but if I am sailing with a veteran we usually assign one person in the room to show up and yell "here." I always make a point of looking up the location of my lifeboat later on, however.

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