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Sue Sue
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Default Re: Missing the lifeboat drill

Veteran Cruisers have been though the drill and may be very familiar with the routine, but remember, the crew member that could be the person to direct you to safety may be on his or her first tour. Yes, many of the crew have been there, done that again and again, but as in any job everyone has a first day. Also, what about all of the first time cruisers. It is also good for them to have as many veterans around them as possible, just in case. And yes it has happened, Carnival Ectasy 1998, an hour after the drill, 2500 + passengers and 900+ crew. Maybe the drill helped keep the injuries in check. Disney Magic, a March 2002 5:00 AM fire, imagine being awakened to that emergency without some experience with a drill. And then there is the Windstar-Windsong , 120 + passengers and 90+ crew evacuated, the ship was lost. Even if you don't believe you need the drill, show up so that the crew will get the experience. After all, they have a job to do.
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