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Default Online embarkation forms and under l8 permission forms?

I was under the impression that the new online embarkation forms RCI has were really speeding up the embarkation process for many. Today I phoned RCI to ask about the necessity of "permission to travel abroad" letters I heard were required for cruisers under the age of l8 who are not w/their own parents. Though it isn't mentioned in the back of their catalogs under documents needed, these permission letters ARE required, according to the rep I spoke to when I called the Crown and Anchor dept. I then asked if it was also necessary to fill out the embarkation paperwork we will receive w/our tickets. She said yes. Of course, then I wanted to know if the forms on their net sight REALLY speeded up anything at all. She said, "Well, maybe a little." Any of you out there know the REAL story? I'm traveling w/a good number of people and want everyone to be "prepared". Don't want to tell everyone to fill out forms twice if it isn't necessary. Thanks for any help on this!
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