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Default Re: bow thrusters???

You're correct about working a ship in using lines. They can now position the ship precisely with the thrusters and use them to take the strain off the lines when getting under way. Bow and stern lines tending fore and aft seem to serve as spring lines. Spring lines amidships would apparently get in the way of brows and mess up the view.

Biggest change to seamanship with the coming of the pods (1000 hp trolling motors) and thrusters is that the captain or pilot physically controls the ship himself (cannot bring myself to say herself, - yet). In the good old days, the officer of the deck would bark orders to the helmsman(helmsperson) and lee helms(whatever) to maneuver.

A challenge to the navigation team that they have it too easy usually leads to an invitation to the bridge. They love to show off their new toys, especially to someone seemingly entrenched on the old school. Lot of fun since today's bridge teams grew up with GPS and electric propulsion systems. If I can keep them chuckling with stories about steam turbine lag and tugs playing bumper car, my welcome lasts forever.
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