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Default Re: Re: bow thrusters???

One of the most unique docking maneuvers I ever saw was in Port Canaveral, about
15 years ago. It was before the full development of the cruise terminal.

A tug assisted the approach of an immense dry goods carrier--I can't recall the name, but the stern showed a home port of Valencia. As the ship passed passed us, a man in a Ford Bronco pulled up along the North quay, near the base of the "grain" elevators. A mesenger line was thrown or shot from the ship to the man standing next to the Bronco. He wrapped the messenger one time around a bollard on the quay, then tied the free end to the trailer hitch on the Bronco. He then drove the Bronco to the opposite end of the quay, untied the line from the trailer hitch, backed up to the original bollard. He half hitched the another portion of the line to the hitch and drove, very slowly this time, away from the bollard.

At this point in time the ship end of the line had finally emerged from the hawsehole. It was attached to the hauser which was now being slowly deployed by the winch. After the loop end of that hawseline was finally mounted on the bollard, he drove down to another bollard, and repeated the process for the stern of the ship.

After both hawsers were mounted on their bollards, the ship was winched, again with tug assistance, up to the quay. The remaining lines, springs, etc. were then secured.
Because I don't live an area ships can reach, I had never seen a Ford used that way, and I've never forgotten it.

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