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We did American Queen during her inaugural year way back when. Really one our best cruising experiences. You will love it.

You will be on one of the more picturesque segments. Lower Mississippi can be rather dull. Best part is watching countryside roll by, rather than endless ocean.

Life is very laid back. Morning coffee and roll on the front porch in bathrobe. You have to be able to entertain yourself. Great show in the evening. People jostle for the boxes but you can see better in more comfortable seats on the main floor. Hope you like Dixieland. An older, moneyed crowd. Although dress is casual, coats were the norm at dinner.

Some don't appreciate my description of the decor as turn of the century New Orleans whorehouse. Opulent to excess. Parlors, sitting rooms, smoking rooms, card rooms. On what other ship can you sit "outside" in rocking chairs or a porch swing. Rooms reminiscent of a New England B&B.

American staff and crew, since it is U.S. registered and under union rules. Most of the reason for astronomical fares.

A caravan of cars and vans follow the boat so you have your own transportation for getting into town and tours. Handy if you miss the boat, they take you up river, the boat puts into shore and you clamber aboard.

Close your blinds at night. If they are ahead of schedule, they simply tie up to a tree. Tow boats pass close enough to get personal with the crew.

Food is outstanding, as is the service. Our waiter was working his way toward med school. Old time competition among them as to whose table gets the best service and has the best time. Wait staff is college age men and cabin staff is like aged women. Yes, it does do on and it is obvious. They do know where to go in the river towns where you will tie up. Makes for a raucous evening.

I'm not that fond of cruising, although we always seem to be doing it. As I said, that was one of our favorites.

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