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Nushnakka - know what you mean. We lived on the edge of a 50 foot clift jutting into the Caribbean for several years. Between the water, sun shining through clouds, isolated rain showers, rainbows, fish and dolphins jumping and ships going by, we spent a lot of time on the porch.

That said, the banks of the Ohio are absolutely beautiful compared to the Mississippi. Watching the landscape drift by at 8 mph and waving to the folks on shore is a welcome diversion. Folks would hang over bridges to watch and wave, and wonder if the stacks will clear.

Suzan - Forgot to mention, the stacks fold down straddling the AAA rooms forward. They pop and bang as they cool. You will be glad to be in the aft rooms.

The AQ has a "navigation room" below the pilot house with a sweeping view of the river. You sit at a counter with your Army Corps of Engineers trip tic which shows the river in detail. A radar repeater is behind you to assist if the pilot has it on, which is rarely. Everyone tracks the boat as it goes from navigation marker to the next. Gets rather tense when the back seat pilots think it is time to turn and the boat isn't. There is no compass in the pilot house. All they care is if you are going up river or down river. The pilots are certified by river segments. Their exam is a pencil and a sheet of graph paper. The Captain was complaining that for his last recertification exam there was the added the requirement for a north arrow. In nearly 50 years of piloting the major rivers of America, he had no idea which way was north and wasn't interested in learning.

More than you ever wanted to know.
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