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Default Re: Re: 10 Days on Volendam VS. 14 Days on Noordam ?

Nushnakka..........My real " concern " is that I have read a number of e-mail & reviews which indicate that the Noordam has become replete with such problems as: Faulty Plumbing, No Air-Conditioning or Hot Water, torn carpeting, " Hot " Meals served " Cold " or " Spoiled ", Vibrations throughout the Ship, etc. The Cost is Great, the itinerary is Great ( 9 Ports in 14 Days ).........and I have no qualms about sailing on an " older ship "; BUT, .....If the conditions of the Noordam are really so deplorable; I don't think that any itinerary or price could make a Cruise; my question is: Just HOW BAD a condition is the Noordam actually in ? ...Don
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