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Lisam's post states that she is traveling next month... which would indicate that she's paid in full and well within NCL's cancellation period.

It is the cancellation period which basically determines whether or not one can cancel a booking and rebook. If she was outside of that period, she could cancel, have her deposit refunded and rebook elsewhere. However, the chances are very good that the price drop was instituted by NCL AFTER the cancellation penalty period was in effect, which means the amount of the reduction would have to be larger than the penalty to make canceling and re-booking a viable option. If the price reduction was put in place AFTER the cancellation period, the chances are that it carried the caveat "new bookings only".

The idea of these price reductions is to sell what cabins may remain, close in to the sailing date, not to reduce the price of all the cabins previously sold on the sailing. This is no different than sales we see in the retail trade, automobile industry and so forth.

While this case seems quite extreme, and I think Lisam's t/a could do a better job of explaining... it goes to the complicated nature of cruise pricing, particularly in stressed times... pricing schemes which defy generalizations.

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