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Default Re: Poll: Tablemates, what makes you run?

This has been an interesting and enlightening thread to read!

Can anyone suggest some things to say in certain circumstances? It usually takes me weeks to think of a good "comeback" which of course does no good on a 4-night cruise

What can you say to quell a complainer? A racist? A blue-nose? A parent with as you say hellions at the table? A tablemate who wants to talk about his/her constipation etc.? A spoiled brat (of any age)? A religious zealot? An arguer?

Based on your own experiences, are there any specific, polite, gracious -- and clever, of course -- things that we can say that will be practically guaranteed to silence an unpleasant tablemate and immediately steer the table conversation in a more enjoyable direction? (Or should we resign ourselves to merely scurrying off to another table?)
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