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Default Re: Re: Poll: Tablemates, what makes you run?

A racist I just 'happen to mention" that my brother, sister, son, daughter, whatever, is married to whatever they don't like. For the blue-nose I drop names of those I have met that are well above 'their' station. For the parent with the hellion or brat I ask them if they forgot thier muzzle, leash, etc. The constapation or other gross person I start talking about my time as a cop at traffic accidents, you know, blood and guts etc. The zealot I come back with being a worshipper of plants and animals and the belief in voodoo and the arguer I just tell them i couldn;t agree with them more. Something for everyone. I would much prefer to be able to carry on a pleasant conversation and talk about who we each are and our life's experances and learn something about life. To those few that are incapable of intelligent conversation, they soon leave me alone. <>:

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