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Default Re: Poll: Tablemates, what makes you run?

On a weatern Carribean on the Enchantment in Feb of this year, we were at a table of six (six of us traveling together). We had the absolute BEST waitstaff. Waiter Raj, assistant waiter Leslie and head waiter Eduardo were so much fun, I think one of the best parts of our day was dinner. They were so cordial, answering questions about their families, jobs, backgrounds, etc. Sometimes joining in on our fun, but more often they were responsible for the fun. We only ate dinner in the Cascades, but when we saw them in the Windjammer at breakfast and lunch, they greeted us like we were old friends. I'm sure we are spoiled for any future cruises, but I think it was worth it. Our next cruise will be in Feb. 2004. My husband and I are going alone this time. We asked for a table for 6-8. I am looking forward to meeting our tablemates. I'm not a real extovert, but feel I can talk to people fairly easily. If we happen to get waiters anywhere near as great as the last time, I think they will be a great icebreaker for us until we get a little more acquainted. I hope not to want to change tables afer the first day or two, but I guess in an emergency, it's nice to know we can.
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