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Default Re: Accidental Wine Bottle

Hubby and I have packed some wine for personal use in our own cabin on our last 2 cruises (11/02 NCL and 6/03 celebrity). We bought wine for dining from the cruise line and had it carried over from nite to nite as needed on both ships. Carnival also allows the same. This is important to us as hubby is red and I am white. We wrapped our personal spirits in bubble and put it in heavy duty zipperlock bags and had no problems either with breakage or security. It was great with sushi as we were getting ready for late seating or 7:30-8:00 dining. A corkscrew, like a cuticle nipper or nail file may be packed in checked luggage for the airlines. Cruise ships tend to be more liberal about sharp objects but why bother moving it before you unpack?

Regarding sharp objects during travel: If you question it, pack it in checked. A man ahead of us had 3 lighters and was told the TSA only allows 2. Last year hubby almost had his cigar lighter (mini-torch) confiscated. If there is a problem ask for a supervisor and explqin tyour usage. Hubby is also insulin dependent diabetic so we travel with 2 sizes of syringes always in our carry ons and a Dr letter.
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