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in reply to your response. The cabin my husband and I have is the catagory 11 private balcony suite and the suite next to it is a private balcony stateroom. We are going on an 8 day cruise. The actual cost of the cruise was $3,920.00 for the catagory 11 suite and then there was "non-commission Fare" of $278.00, cancellation insurance was $158.00 and then there were federaltaxes/fees of $94.26 (this is just for the one for my husband and myself) The other private balcony stateroom was$2,760.00 for the room, $278.00 for the non commission fare and another $159.00 for cancellation insurance and the $94.26 for the taxes. all & all the total was $7,740.52 so in the realm of a vacation if you add on our $669.00 train fare to get to NYC then yes, it was an $8,000.00 trip. Considering it's an 8 day cruise we didn't think this was too much to pay. I never said in the beginning that I was concerned about "sodas" because we can afford to pay for our drinks it's just that I was wondering why you couldn't have wine or liquor in your room fridge so you could fix your own drinks at night and not have to keep calling for room service. I was only reflecting on the messages that I have read on this forum. I don't think if you take say a small bottle of liquor on in your luggage for in room consumption it should be any big deal. You can if you go to a hotel. I didn't mean for this to be such a big concern. Sorry, I was just looking for some information.
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